012 Share Chairs | paper model kit

012 Share Chairs | paper model kit


1:16 scale paper model of
Share Chairs
designed by Ineke Hans in 2001.

laser cut paper parts flat packed, in a postcard size plastic bag, together with an assembly instruction and information of the chair.

size / 112 x 156 mm
weight / 15 g

Detailed assembly instruction is here


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Share Chairs
Designed by Ineke Hans, 2001
Recycled plastic

A rocking chair for one or two children to play with, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.  An early example of domestic furniture in industrially manufactured recycled plastic. Typically Hans reflects social issues and contemporary concerns in this playful design.

Hans studied Furniture Design at the Royal College of Art, and has been working with international manufacturers as well as teaching at several institutions.  Throughout her career, she has been questioning the value of visual communication and the role of designers in relation to both global and local issues – such as promoting sustainable materials or reviving local craft skills to sustain local communities.

Share Chairs and Crash Car are both from Hans’s series called Black Beauties, Kids Collection.  She challenged a common idea that children are attracted by colours, proving that they also find shapes and the potential function of objects interesting, even though the objects are in black.


We would like to say a big thank you to Ineke Hans for her kind permission to use the design for our product and telling us the background of this design.  She gave us some insight for colours for the room and package…see below.

share chairs 2001.jpg




この「シェアー・チェアーズ」と「クラッシュ・カー」の2点は Black Beautiesと名付けられたシリーズの中の作品です。黒い黒いリサイクルプラスティックで遊具をデザインしたのは、楽しい形と遊びごごろを刺激する機能のある遊具をデザインすることで「子供はカラフルな玩具が好き」という偏見をくつがえす試みでもありました。



Interior for the Share Chairs

The background of this paper model is referring to the current studio of Ineke Hans, as well as her previous studio entrance.  The rug on the concrete floor is also her design, Snip for Nodus in 2016.  As a result of these 3 elements this background represent Hans’s world throughout her careers.

To re-create Hans’s playful space, we would suggest you to find and stick small and colourful objects on your 1:16 wall of Share Chairs!

hans studio1.jpg
hans studio2.jpg