How to assemble Zig-Zag chair



This is the 007 Zig-Zag chair set after completion.  Here’s how to build it…


007 parts.jpg

There are three cards in the package, together with assembly instructions.  Detach all parts of the chair from the second card, using a craft knife/scalpel – connections are indicated by little triangles.


007 assem01.jpg

Put seat and back together with the joint, apply glue to joint surfaces and let it dry on the side profile, to make angle correct.


Mountain fold the base part at laser line, attach shorter structural support in the corner with both triangle ends folded.  Best to use scrap wood to set the part at correct angle, leaving it until the glue is dry.


Mountain fold both triangle ends of longer structural part and glue it under the front end of the seat.


Cut top part of card after parts are taken out and place on the side profile as shown below – this will be the width adjuster for the next stage.


007 assem06.jpg

Glue seat and base at front corner, using profile on card as a guide of correct angle and leave it until dry.


A bit of detail of groove on the back if you want – use a sharp knife and carefully peel a few layers of card away, inside the rectangular laser engraving.


007 assem09.jpg

The last step is to assemble the wall and floor.  Please refer How to assemble background, to complete.


Tomoko Azumi