Victorian cyclists diorama




This is a set of two pieces of paper chromo-lithography, printed and die-cut.  One of the ladies hands was broken off, together with her hat.  It is an outdoor diorama, but a table and bench in the background brings us a sense of scale.  It is advertising French chocolate and showing mid 1890’s tandem and triplet French bicycles.

When I turn to the back, I can see some wear and more broken parts, also some die-cut holes are not removed. So, I removed them first and used those original piece of paper to glue and connect the broken parts.

victorian cyclist02.jpg

フランス製のチョコレートを宣伝している、2枚セットの紙ジオラマです。木陰に座る紳士とテーブル&ベンチのセットが、屋外のジオラマに生活感を足しています。1895 – 97年ごろのフランスのタンデム自転車と、それに乗った5人のサイクリストが描かれています。


I also made a new cut on the lower ground beneath the cycling people, to make this diorama 3-dimensional, as was intended originally.

victorian cyclist03.jpg


The bottom of paper is too unstable to stand up itself, so I added a piece of card to strengthen each bottom.  Then slotted the two parts together…

A charming paper diorama is reborn, providing good fun!  But I am slightly afraid that adding modern paper might be a taboo for the proper paper conservation practice.  I am still a beginner Ephemerist and I would like to hear opinions of experienced collectors.

victorian cyclist04.jpg
victorian cyclist05.jpg